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(2007 backup copy) The Hoobler Family Home Page is dedicated to Jacob Hoobler I and to the many Hoobler Families across the country.

We owe a debt of gratitude to
Elva Hoobler Ralls who was the inspiration for us to create the Hoobler Family Home Page. Also, to Lewis Frank Hoobler of Wichita, KS and to Dorothy Newcomer Hoobler of St. Marys, KS.  Frank and Dorothy have spent countless hours recording facts and data about the descendants of Jacob Hoobler I.  In addition, thanks to all of the other Family Historians for their contributions.

What's new; Visit and find the Hoobler Family Master Name List currently being maintained by Lewis Frank Hoobler

We are finally updating the Family Website.  We really appreciate your input and your patience for waiting so long to see your changes incorporated.  It cannot all be done at once but rest assured we will get there!  So come back often.  Thanks, Jack and Gail Hoobler (Jacob Branch)

In the Works... Future plans include a few photographs of early Hoobler settlers and the Hooblers in Uniform, pictures of the many Hoobler s who have served the United States Armed Forces. If you have a photograph of a Hoobler In Uniform and would like it posted to the Home Page, send me an email.