Adam Hoobler and his brother John Hubler sailed to America in 1755. The brothers landed in Pennsylvania aboard the good ship Virtuous Grace of Rotterdam, John Bull Master. The German name "Hubler" in the following generation was changed to "Hoobler". It should be remembered that in these early pioneer days in America , very few people were literate. Many public officials spelled largely by sound. James E. Hoobler of Clarkston , Washington says that as he remembers it, the name was spelled "Hoobler" by mistake on the brotherís naturalization papers, and this spelling was then adapted. This accounts for the various spelling of names of many early families. Accounts of John, the Brother of Adam, have not been found. We assume that John was born around the same time frame of Adam, sometime between 1732 and 1738. 

   Upon arrival in America , Adam became a buyer and shipper of horses. Adam transported horses between Pennsylvania and the Atlantic Coast but on one of these trips he was robbed and killed. Adam was survived by three Sons; William, Jacob, and Samuel. The family of William Hoobler is continued but we do not have information about Jacob and Samuel the other two sons of Adam.