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Adam (Johannes Adam) Hoobler was born on 30 Sept. 1761, the first born of Johannes and Margaret Hoobler. On 9 Sept.1783, he married his first wife, Elizabeth (Maria Elizabetha) Pfeiffer, b. 15 Oct 1761, daughter of Johannes and Maria Barbara Pfeiffer.

    Adam grew up on the Jacob-Johannes farm where he remained after his marriage to Elizabeth Pfeiffer. He gradually began taking charge of the farm when in 1789 Adam is recorded on the Berks County tax record as having possession of 124 acres of the Jacob-Johannes farm. It also stated that Adam was a farmer by trade.

    In the spring of 1795, Adam and his family packed up and moved west, along with the rest of the Johannes Hoobler family, about 75 miles to Sherman Valley in Toboyne Township of Cumberland County, Pa. (now Jackson Township, Perry County). On 20 April 1795 Adam jointly bought farmland with his youngest brother Jacob along Sherman Creek just south of the settlement of Blain.

    In 1798, Adam was apparently widower. According to a land record in which he and Jacob split their land between them, Adam is stated as being single. This could only mean that Elizabeth was deceased by this time, as all land records required the recording of the wifeís name on the deed. The last specific record of Elizabeth by name is February 1794 in the records of the Altalaha Church in Rehrersburg.

    In the 1800 Pa. census, Adam is shown now having an older male living with him and his family. His father, Johannes, probably moved in with Adam after his mother, Margaret, apparently died in 1799. Johannes was recorded as having sold his land earlier that year.

    Also by 1800, Adam had married his second wife, Margaret Bair. One daughter is known born to them, Mary, known later in her life as "Polly". But Adam would suffer a second loss of a wife by death at an unknown date.

    So new was the settlement of Blain that there was no central meeting house for the Reformed or Lutheran congregations. Services were held alternately at the homes of members. On 10 January 1801, Adam Hoobler and Peter Brown are recorded as part of a trustee to build a meetinghouse and cemetery on 2 acres of land deeded to them by Henry Zimmerman. But Adam would not see this church, now known as the Zion Lutheran Church. It would not be built until 1816, three years after Adam had moved to Ohio.

    Possibly around 1811, Adam would marry a third wife who would out live him. She was Elizabeth Lawyer, born 9 Nov. 1788 in Belfont County, Pa., daughter of Peter Lawyer and Margaret Henig. This Elizabeth was as young as Adamís oldest children. Adam would father 11 more children with her, starting a new family that competed with his oldest childrenís family. His last child was born when he was 69 years old.

    In the spring of 1813, the Hoobler family would split up for the first time. Adam, along with his father, and two of his brothers, John Jr. and Michael, headed west to new lands in Ohio near Steubenville. As Margaret Hoobler, daughter of Adam, is quoted relating to the Hoobler family move to Ohio: "the Hooblers came from over the (Appalachia) mountains in Pennsylvania in three wagons drawn by four white horses on each, crossing the Ohio River at Steubenville in May of 1813". Land records at Steubenville verify this date with the recording of John Hoobler Jr. and Michael Hoobler on 14 May 1813.

    On 7 June 1813, Adam is recorded buying farmland about 13 miles west of Steubenville in what is now German Township, Harrison County. Adam is later recorded buying additional land around his farm at a 159 acres at a time. Then he would sell off portions he did not want. In the History of Carroll & Harrison Counties, Ohio Adam is described as one of the early settlers in German Township and among the first productive tracts developed. In later Harrison County land records, Adam is recorded parceling off some of his land to his oldest sons, Michael, John, and Daniel as they married.

    In 1830, Adam would "retire" from farming and sell his farm in Harrison County. He then purchased a new farm on 10 March 1830 in Wayne Township of Jefferson County, near Unionport. But his son, Peter, would actually run the farm and later inherit it.

    Adam died on 27 April 1848 at the age of 86. He is buried in the now abandoned Buffalo Hill Cemetery near his original farm in German Township of Harrison County, Ohio.

    Elizabeth Lawyer-Hoobler lived out the rest of her life with son, Peter, who inherited Adamís farm near Unionport. She died on 17 Feb 1875 and is buried at the Christian Church Cemetery in Unionport.


At least 5 known children:

MARIA BARBARA b. 16 July 1784. No other information.

JOHANNES ADAM JR. b. 29 Dec. 1787. No other information. Assuming from the names of his later children, John and Adam, he probably died as an infant or child.

DANIEL b. 28 June 1789. Married Margaret "Peggy" Markley on 29 Dec.1824. They lived in Kilgore, Carroll County, Ohio. Their youngest children were Mary b. 1834, Sarah b. 1835, Lavina b. 1836, David b. 1842, Margaret b. 1845.

MICHAEL b. 22 May 1791, d. 17 Mar. 1871. Married Catherine Shultz on 26 Oct. 1813 in Harrison County, Ohio. She was b. 1795, d. 1897. She lived for 102 years. Both are buried at Zion Cemetery, east of Germano, Harrison County, Ohio. They had 9 children: Susan b. 1817, Jacob b.?, John b. 1821, George b. ?, Rachael b. 1827, Samuel b. 1829, Andrew b. 1833, David b. 1835, Mary A. b. 1839.

JOHN b. 7 Sept. 1797, d. 08 Apr. 1867. Married Magdelena "Mattie" Bair b.1800, d. 8 Apr. 1867. Both are buried in New Rumley, Harrison County, Ohio at the old church cemetery. They had 8 children: Isaac b. 1827, Noah b. 1830, Margaret b. 1832, Emmanuel b. 834, Elizabeth b. 1837, Elias, b. 1840, and Enoch b. 1843.


1 known child:

MARY "POLLY" b. 1800 d. 1 Dec. 1875. Married John Hosterman 13 Oct. 1825 in Harrison Co., Ohio. They were living in Lee Township of Carroll County, Ohio in the 1850 census, but not in the Ohio 1860 census. At least 9 children: Samuel b. 1828, Jacob b. 1831, Margaret b. 1835, Adam b. 1836, Barbara b. 1837, William b. 1840, Sarah b. 1842, Eliza J. b. 1844, and Basil b. 1847.


11 children:

MARGARET b. 7 May 1812, d. 7 July 1903 in Steubenville, Ohio. Married John Bair b.1806, son of John & Catherine Bair who came to Ohio from Pa. around 1820. They had 9 children (only 8 identified): Elvira B. 1836, Catherine b. 1837, Adam b. 1840, James H. b. 1843, George W. b.1845, Elizabeth D. b. 1848, Margaret J. b. 1849, Loretta b. in the 1850ís.

WILLIAM b. 7 Sept. 1813, d. 14 Feb 1893 in Dellroy, Carroll County, Ohio. Married on 14 Oct. 1836 to Margaret Schocknesse b. 27 Oct 1813, d. 4 Apr. 1892. They had 10 children: Adam b. 1837, Elizabeth b.1841, James M. b. 1843, Lucinda b. 1845, William O. b. 1847, and Mary C. b. 1849.

ANDREW b. 21 Jan. 1815, d. 29 Mar. 1897 in Ohio. Married Jane Carpenter on 18 Jan. 1838 in Harrison County, Ohio. They were living in Tuscawaras County, Ohio in 1860. They had at least 5 children.

JACOB b. 3 Dec. 1816, d. 9 Jan. 1893. Married Aceneth "Cena" Chambers, b. 29 Oct. 1820 in Chambersburg, Pa., d. 18 Sept. 1868. They are both buried at Christian Church Cemetery in Unionport, Jefferson County, Ohio. At least 3 children: Ann E. b. 1841, Eleanor b. 1844, and Mary b. 1847.

ADAM b. 15 Jan. 1819, d. 7 Aug 1891. Married (1st) Martha Wheeler on 18 May 1841 in Jefferson County, Ohio. They had 2 children. Married (2nd) Mary Parks b. 1831, d. 1884. They had 6 children. Adam and Mary are buried at the Bloomingdale Cemetery in Bloomingdale, Jefferson County, Ohio.

MARTHA "MATTIE" b. 17 Feb 1821, d. 6 Nov. 1911 at Jewett, Harrison County, Ohio. Married in Jefferson Co., Ohio to Joseph Mikesell on 22 Oct. 1839. One child.

NANCY b. 25 Mar. 1823, d. 21 Sept 1887, near Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio. Married on 12 Jun 1850 in Jefferson Co., Ohio to William Merryman b. 1820, d. 1883. They had 3 children. Nancy and William are buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery, east of Smithfield.

ELIZABETH b. 1 May 1825, d. 22 May 1892 at Unionport, Ohio. Married on 24 Nov. 1853 to Henry Melvin Sanborn in Jefferson Co., Ohio. Henry served as mayor of Smithfield, Ohio and as Justice of the Peace. They had no children.

PETER b. 21 Mar 1827, d. 1911. Married (1st) Emma Jane Walton. No children. Married (2nd) on 9 Oct. 1851in Jefferson Co., Ohio to Sarah J. Davis b. 6 Oct 1828 d. 16 May 1890. No children. Peter and Sarah are buried separately at the Christian Church Cemetery at Unionport.

RACHEL b. 15 Apr. 1829, d. 23 Jan 1889 in Smithfield, Ohio. Married on 25 Jan. 1849 in Jefferson Co., Ohio to John Rickey b. 1826, d. 13 Dec. 1899. They had 4 children. Rachel and John are buried at the Christian Church Cemetery at Unionport.

SARAH b. 15 Jan 1831, d. 18 July 1836. She is buried next to her father at the abandoned Buffalo Hill Cemetery in Harrison County, Ohio.


         (Our thanks to Gene R. Hoobler for the research, chronology and the writing of this page)

         (The writer is indebted to Dorothy Newman-Hoobler of St. Marys, Kansas for sharing the family notes of the late Eric P. White (gr.-gr. grandson of Adam Hoobler). And to the late William (Bill) Hoobler of Hammondsville, Ohio for finding the recorded will of Adam Hoobler. )

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Children of Adam Hoobler: Where cemeteries are stated, the writer visited the gravesites in 1994. Marriage dates are public record of the counties stated. Adamís grandchildrenís names & birth years were copied from the 1850 & 1860 Ohio census of the counties mentioned.