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The "links" above are Portals to the Hoobler Family Branches. In order to navigate your Family Branch just click on the specific Branch and follow your ancestral tree.

You may also travel with your Family by "clicking" on one of the many sailing ships bringing the early settlers to America.  


To find your Branch, check the Alphabetical Name List. You can also follow your Family Tree by tracking backward from your name to your Father, then to your Grandfather, on to your Great Grandfather, then your Great-Great Grandfather (and so on) until you reach the beginning; your original Family Branch Ancestor.

We have also listed several Branch Family Historian. If you have questions about a specific Branch you can send us an email or contact the Branch Historian directly: (Note; currently, the Branch Historian list below is out-of-date. It will be completely updated September 1st, 2006. The
blue hyperlinks are current and active)

Lewis Frank Hoobler (Jacob Hoobler I Branch)

Sharon Dorland (Rev. John Hoobler of the Jacob Hoobler I Branch)  

Dan Cress (Rev. John Hoobler of the Jacob Hoobler I Branch)

Jan Hollaway Farrenburg (Rev. John Hoobler of the Jacob Hoobler I Branch)

Janice Marcia Hoobler (Adam Hoobler ~1735 and William A. Hoobler Branch)

W.B. (Barry) Hoobler (Adam Hoobler ~1735 and William A. Hoobler Branch)

Nancy Jane Ramsey Norris (John Robert Hoobler Branch)

Charles Lyle Hoobler (George W. Hoobler 1798 Branch)

Charlotte Marie (Hoobler) King (George W. Hoobler 1798 Branch)

Gene R. Hoobler (Johannes (John) Hoobler Jr. ~1735)

Colleen Briner (Catherine Hoobler, Daughter of Jacob I)

David Edward Hoobler (William Addison Hoobler 1859 Branch)

Larry George Hoobler (Jacob Hoobler Branch)

Roy C. Hoobler (Floyd B. Hoobler 1894 Branch)