Jacob Hoobler I
was born about 1775 and died 1813. Jacob's marriage to Anna Margaret Brown took place on June 10, 1794 at Trinity Church in Tulpehocken Township , with Rev. William Hendell performing the ceremony. During the latter part of that year, there was a migration of German settlers (now Americans), to central Pennsylvania. John Hoobler, his sons and their families, the Browns and others of our ancestral lines including the Reeds and Dices, left the Tulpehocken ( Berks County ) to seek better farmland in central Pennsylvania. By 1795, the Browns and Hooblers were in Toboyne Township , Cumberland County Pennsylvania, which is now called Perry County, near Harrisburg.

Ten children were born to Jacob I and Margaret, and then tragedy struck. Jacob died suddenly, leaving no will. The last child, Michael, was born in 1813 the year Jacob died. Jacob had been a farmer; his widow was assessed 125 acres of land in 1820. Court records, including the inventory of the estate; the letters of administration to widow "Rebecca" Margaret Hoobler and her brother, Peter Brown, and the division of the estate are available. Each child was to receive $105.46, with an additional $54.65 to be paid upon the death of the mother. The estate was settled in late 1822, and then Margaret and the Browns joined in the movement to Ohio. Both Adam and Michael Hoobler and their families had left for Ohio the year Jacob I died. Jacob was buried in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Several of Margaret’s children were now married. The families went to Taylor’s Creek (West of Cincinnati) then on to Fountain County, Indiana, to a bend in the Wabash River called "the forks of Coal Creek". The history of the United Brethren Church reveals many details of her life. In that area, a two-story log cabin home was built for the widow and her family. Her eldest son, Rev. John Hoobler, organized the first United Brethren Church in western Indiana in May 1827. The 17 charter members included his mother, brothers, sisters, and their families. Preaching services were held in her log cabin home for 11 years.

The second session of the Indiana Conference was held in the home of the Widow Hoobler on the forks of Coal Creek from August to September 5, 1831. During the entire time, she and her family fed the 16 preachers and took care of their horses. Half of the cabin was used for living quarters and the other half as the church. In 1838, a log church was built in the old town of Chambersburg (now Veedersburg). It had only three sides, so that a fire could be built in the open side for warmth, as well as protection against wild animals. Indians frequently gathered outside in the open space to watch the congregation worship. The log cabin was still standing in 1917, when a public auction was held to dispose of its contents after the death of her grandchildren. Among the items bought by relatives was a walnut chest with lock, containing the fraktur of Margaret Braun dated 1775. The colors are still clear and beautiful.

Margaret Hoobler, her unmarried daughter, Anna Maria (Mary), and circuit—rider son William lived on the farm. She died January 16,1857, aged 81. She is buried at Cold Spring Cemetery on US 41, near Veeders­burg. The tombstone inscription reads, “My rest is in Heaven, My home is not here.” The family story goes that the funeral coach, sent from town to take the body to the church, was pulled by a team of horses. William insisted that the team be unharnessed, fed, and watered, before making the return trip with his mother’s body, stating emphatically, ‘She wouldn’t want the team to be cold and hungry." William wrote of her death to her grandson, Rev. Adam Shambaugh, “Mother died as she lived, full of faith, hope, and glory”.

Margaret Hoobler, along with sons, brothers, and nephews, are credited with being prime leaders in the spread of the United Brethren Church in Indiana and westward. “Her whole life was devoted to the cause of God, and she loved her church almost to the point of adoring, ”states the U.B. church history, “Our Bishops”.

Margaret's birth certificate reads, “I Anna Marcreta, born and presented to Michael Braun and his wife Catarina in the year of Christ 1775 on the 31st of May.

Children of Jacob Hoobler I and Anna Margaret Brown are:

Catherine Hoobler was born 1795. See Catherine Hoobler 1795 page.

Sarah Hoobler was born 1797.

Elizabeth Hoobler was born 1799. See Elizabeth Hoobler 1799 page.

John Hoobler was born 1801. See Rev John Hoobler 1801 page.

Anna Maria Hoobler was born 1803. See Anna Maria Hoobler 1803 page.

Jacob Hoobler II was born 1805. See Jacob Hoobler II 1805 page.

William Hoobler was born 1807.

George Hoobler was born 1809. See George Hoobler 1809 page.

David Hoobler was born 1811. See David Hoobler 1811 page.

Michale Hoobler was born 1813.