Johannes (John) Hoobler Jr
was born around 1765 in the Tulpehocken Township of Berks County, Pennsylvania.  In 1786, he married Susanna Kochendorffer b. 12 Feb. 1770, daughter of George Philip Kockendorffer and Christina Kayser.  According to census records they had at least 11 children.

  In the spring of 1795, when the Hoobler families moved to Sherman Valley in Cumberland County, Pa. (now Perry County), John Jr. and Susanna purchased 120 acres of land on 2 May 1795 from George Pontius for 1,200 Pennsylvania pounds.  This land was located just south of the settlement of Blain near his fatherís and brothersí lands.

    In October of 1812, John Jr. bought 159 acres of land in Jefferson County, Ohio from Jona Buffington, assignee of this federal land. Federal land was recorded at the land office in Marietta, Ohio.  On 13 March 1813, John Jr. was issued a patent for this land.

    In the spring of 1813, John JR's family along with some of his brothersí families and possibly his father, headed for Steubenville, Ohio.  The land office at Steubenville shows records of Michael Hoobler buying the 9th lot of John JR's land recorded 14 May 1813 (But Michael moved on to Dayton, Ohio by 1814).  Adam bought land about 3 miles southwest of John Jr.

    The 1820 Ohio census shows the John Hoobler Jr. family living in Salem Township of Jefferson County.  His federal land records at Marietta pinpoint his land about 12 miles west northwest of Steubenville between the settlements of New Salem (now called Annapolis) and East Springfield.   The Unionport Road that connects these two towns runs through John JR's land today.

    The 1830 census only shows Susanna as head of household and now living on oldest sonís, John III, land in North Township of Harrison County.  Apparently John Jr. had died between 1820 and 1830. Land records possibly indicate his death was around 1824 at the age of 59 years. There is conjecture about the death of Adam and John.  Depending upon which source, one of the brothers was killed by robbers when taking livestock to market.  If this part of the story is accurate, this writer believes it to be John Jr. who was the victim.  In the 1840 census, Susannaís name does not appear.  Only youngest son David, has part of the land now.  Land records would indicate she died in 1831.  The graves of John Jr. and Susanna have not been located so far.

Children of John Hoobler Jr. and Susanna Kockendorffer:

JOHN III b. 4 Mar.1787, d. 1850ís. War of 1812 veteran.   He served in a volunteer rifle company of the Pa. Militia that crossed the Niagra River into upper Canada in 1814.  As bounty for his service, he was awarded land in 1815 in North Township of Harrison County Ohio, who he shared with youngest brother David.   He first married Christiana Gutschall, daughter of Frederick Gutschall, who died in 1828. They had at least 5 sons and 2 daughters. Known children: Samuel b.1810, George b.1816, Margaret b.1820, and John R. b.1826. By 1830, John III had re-married and moved to Lewis County, Kentucky.  His 2nd wifeís name was Margaret b. 1785, d. 20 Feb.1853.  By 1850 they had moved back across the Ohio River to Green Township of Adams County, Ohio where he was the Postmaster.  One known child John and Maragaret was Elizabeth, b. 1830

SUSANNAH  b. 1789 in Tulpehocken Valley, PA

WILLIAM b. 25 Oct. 1792. See William Hoobler 1792 page.

SALOME b. 19 Apr. 1793. No other information.

JACOB b. 4 Jan. 1795, d. 29 Oct. 1878 near Baltic, Tuscawaras County, Ohio. He married Mary M. "Polly" Shawver on 3 June 1824 in Harrison County.  He first had a farm near his uncle Adam and a cousin also named Jacob in Germano, Harrison County.   He later bought farmland in the 1850ís on the south edge of Baltic, Ohio. He is recorded donating part of his land for a church cemetery which is now called the Hoobler-Syler-Lint Cemetery.  They had 9 children: Sophia b. 1825, Louisa b. 1829, Samuel b. 1831, Malinda b.1837, Florina b. 1839, Margaret b. 1841, Francis (son) b. 1843, and Alexander b. 1848.

ELIZABETH b. 1796 married Nicolas Culp on 14 Jan. 1816 in Jefferson County, Ohio. No other information.

SAMUEL b. 1790 possibly lived in Holmes County, Ohio. No other information.

MARY b. 1805 married James Call on 4 July 1826 in Jefferson County, Ohio. No other information.

DAVID b. 1806, d. 19 Feb. 1855, married Mary Lisle on 13 Dec. 1832 in Harrison County, Ohio.  He kept part of the land of older brother John III in North Township, Harrison County.  Davidís grave is in Harlem Springs, Carroll County, Ohio.  7 children are:  Eliza Jane b. 1834, William b. 1837, Thomas b. 1839, John b. 1841, Robert b. 1845, Benton b. 1846, and Francis M. b. 1848.


(Our thanks to Gene R. Hoobler for the research, chronology and the writing of this page)

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