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Rev. John Hoobler was born in Perry County, Pennsylvania, on August 2, 1801, and was the eldest son of Jacob and Margaret Brown Hoobler.  "In the spring of 1821" when 20 years of age, John married Rebecca Fetterhoff, also a native of Pennsylvania.  At the age of 22, John migrated to Montgomery County, Ohio, then again moved to Fountain County, Indiana, and in 1826 changed his residence to Vermillion County.  In 1836 he was elected to represent Vermillion County in the Indiana Legislature, of which he was a member for several years.  In 1847 he relocated first in Vermilion County, Illinois, then to Livingston County in 1851. John Hoobler was a preacher of the United Brethren denomination, and the pioneer of that church.  He organized many classes in Indiana and Illinois. While not riding circuit in his ministerial duties, John was a successful farmer owning 1,480 acres in Newtown Township, Illinois.

    In his early life he was a strong Prohibitionist and, during the agitation of the Fugitive Slave Law, he was most radically on the side of the oppressed.  John owned a "picture of Owen Lovejoy, which that gentleman gave him in 1860, which he prized for its associations beyond price."   John was described as a man of great force of character and kindly impulses.   After Rebecca’s death, John married Miss Lydia A. Hulick on 17 Feb 1872.   John and Rebecca had eleven children. (A book about the life of John Hoobler is currently being published by Rev. Richard A. Chrisman.)

JOHN HOOBLER b. 2 Aug 1801 in Perry Co., PA d. 16 Apr 1886 in Newtown Twp., Livingston Co., IL m. REBECCA FETTERHOFF in 1821 in PA, b. 5 Jun 1796 in Littlestown, Adams Co., PA, d. 6 Aug 1871 in Livingston Co., IL (buried New Michigan Cemetery).

    Children of John and Rebecca:

JEREMIAH HOOBLER b. Abt 1822 in PA d. in Livingston Co., IL m. ELIZABETH LOWE 25 Mar 1847 in Vermillion Co., IN b. Abt 1828 in PA, d. in IL. Second wife: FRANCES M. CONNOR m. 22 Jan 1854, b. 2 Jan 1830, d. 15 Jun 1857 in IL. Third wife: MARY ANN LONGNECKER m. 12 Nov 1858 in Polk Co., IA, b. Abt 1824 in KY, d. in IL.

JEMIMA HOOBLER b. 10 Jan 1824 in Fulton Co., OH d. 22 Mar 1921 in Missal, Livingston Co., IL m. JACOB KUNS on 20 Oct 1849 in Vermilion Co., IL, b. 16 May 1823 in Union Co., PA, d. 29 Aug 1908 in Livingston Co., IL

CATHERINE HOOBLER b. 6 Nov 1825 in Montgomery Co., OH d. 6 Jan 1915 in Gessie, Vermillion Co., IN m. WILLIAM VILLARS 13 Nov 1845 in Vermillion Co., IN. Second husband: THOMAS GOUTY m. Abt 1849 in Vermillion Co., IN, b. 17 Nov 1807 in Pickaway Co., OH, d. 10 Jun 1863. Third husband: DAVID GOUTY m. Abt 1867, b. 9 Dec 1828 in Highland Twp., Vermillion Co., IN, d. Abt 1888.

DAVID HOOBLER b. 7 May 1828 in Vermillion Co., IN d. 8 Sep 1911 in Clement, Lake Co., FL m. SARAH FLESHMAN 15 Mar 1853 in Perrysville, Vermillion Co., IN, b. 3 Apr 1831 in Vermillion Co., IN, d. 14 Jun 1913.

WILLIAM O. HOOBLER b. 25 Mar 1830 in IN d. 9 Feb 1875 in IL m. Mary ? d. 4 Apr 1857. Second wife: HARRIET J. MYER m. 21 Oct 1859, b. 15 Oct 1837 in IN, d. 9 Dec 1878 in IL.

JOHN F. HOOBLER b. Abt 1831

MARY M. HOOBLER b. 27 Dec 1834 in Vermillion Co., IN, d. 14 Feb 1922 in LaSalle Co., IL m. JOHN WESLEY FLESHMAN m. 2 Oct 1859, b. 23 Apr 1827 in Vermillion Co., IN, d. 31 Mar 1899 in LaSalle Co., IL

FREDERICK HOOBLER b. 23 May 1836 in Vermillion Co., IN, d. 22 Feb 1914 in Streator, LaSalle Co., IL, m. MARTHA FLESHMAN m. 19 Feb 1860 in Livingston Co., IL, b. 25 Jan 1843 in Vermillion Co., IN, d. 9 Jul 1924 in Streator, LaSalle Co., IL

ANDREW J. HOOBLER b. 18 Sep 1838 in Vermillion Co., IN, d. 19 Jan 1908 in Streator, LaSalle Co., IL, m. SARAH L. LEONARD m. 8 Feb 1859 in Newtown Twp., Livingston Co., IL, b. 30 Mar 1840 in PA, d. 5 Nov 1937 in Streator, LaSalle Co., IL.


JULIA HOOBLER d. 5 Oct 1891 in Livingston Co., Newtown Twp., IL.