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Samual Reuben Hoobler was born in Middleton, Ohio 10/24/1844 and died 4/23/1919. Samual married Mary Roselia Worth of Redfield, New York born 6/14/1844 and died 10/8/1923. Samual and Mary had eight children.

    Samual was the State Representative for the Losco district, comprising the counties of Alcona, Arenac, and Losco. When he was about five years old his father died, leaving a widow and six children in straitened circumstances. Mr. Hoobler improved every opportunity to acquire an education, which a delicate constitution and the limited means of his mother would admit, and he boasts that his first schoolbooks were purchased with Hickory Nuts, which he picked himself, his mother assisting. The money paid for clothing, books, tuition, etc., to enable him to attend the Waterville High School was earned by working on a farm at six dollars per month. At this institution he was greatly encouraged by counsels of an elder sister. He taught a number of terms in the common schools of Ohio. He went to Bay City in July 1868, and was employed by Hon James Bimey, from whom he received his first lessons in Michigan Politics. He removed to the village of Standish in 1872 and has since been engaged more or less in the schools of Bay and Arenac Counties. He was appointed member of the Bay County Board of School Examiners in 1882 and again in 1884, but failing health compelling him to abandon schoolwork, he resigned that position and removed to his farm near Worth, in Standish Township, Arenac County, where he still resides. While a member of the Bay County Board, he is credited with having been very energetic and by his efforts greatly assisting in bringing the district schools of his county up to their present eminency. At present he holds the office of Township Clerk. He was elected Representative for the 1887-88 term on the Fusion Ticket (aided by the labor element) by a vote of 1844 to 1616 for John W. King, Republication and 237 for Webster, Prohibitionist.

Children of Samual Reuben Hoobler and Mary Roselia Worth:

David Curtis Hoobler 1864, m. Stella Belle Fletcher

Louisa J. Hoobler 1870, m. (1) Henry F. Morris (2) John J. Hill

Bert Raymond Hoobler 1872, m. (1) Madge Genevive Sibley (2) Icie Gertrude Macy

Rolla Leo Hoobler 1876, m. Bessie Goodspeed

Ruben Hoobler 1883, died 1884

Florence Mabel Hoobler 1884, m. William Mumford

Claudine Ethel Hoobler 1886, m. John Jones

Hal Rexford Hoobler 1888, m. Marion Blankinship